February Round-Up


In contrast to the endless misery that is January, February really flys by, doesn’t it?

February was busy and tiring, I’ve had a lot on at work recently and have been pushing myself in the gym, but we got up to some fun things! Sean & I celebrated Chinese New Year and Valentines Day. I know Valentines day isn’t everyone’s cup-of-tea, but I actually think it’s pretty cute. I enjoy picking out a card for Sean, and I don’t even mind seeing everyone’s soppy social media posts. More love in the world can only be a good thing.

This month we caught up with one of our oldest friends - George - who we hadn’t seen for a few years. We also went out with a group of our friends to ‘Junkyard Golf’ -  a boozy mini golf-course with a bar half-way through. Alcohol unfortunately didn’t help my game, I truly suck at mini-golf, but it was fun! 

Here’s a short round-up of some of the things I enjoyed:

Queer Eye | Sean and I discovered the 'Queer Eye' re-boot on Netflix and, you guys, I can't even express how much I love this show. I remember watching the original ‘Queer Eye For The Straight Guy’ with my parents, but this re-make is amazing. The 'fab five', a team of five gay men, revamp the lives & looks of men who have lost their mojo. Not only are the team adorable and hilarious, but every episode of this show reduced Sean & I to tears at least once.  It’s so touching and I plan to re-watch it at least 50 times between now and Season 2. Watch it!


Chinese New Year | I was in London for meetings on Chinese New Year this year, and before getting my train home I walked over to China Town for a look around and to take some photos. Sean & I had a celebratory meal at Sojo in Oxford, and ate our favourite Gan Bian beans & stir-fried shredded potato, a dish my sisters  recommended when they came to stay with me last summer. One day I'll make it to China to celebrate the New Year with my relatives there, but for now, I will take any excuse to stuff my face with delicious food...

Running | To balance out stuffing my face, I spent a lot of time running this month. It might be difficult to relate to this one if you’re not unfit or overweight, but hear me out. At the start of the month I could barely run for 1 minute without shin splints, getting out of breath or getting a stitch, but this month I decided to push myself. I committed to running at the gym (and twice outdoors!) as frequently as I could and I’m really proud to say that as of today I can easily run for ten minutes without a break, and can push myself to 15 minutes most times. In March I’d like to push myself up to 15-20 minutes and work on my speed. I’ll keep you posted!

Florence | In February I played through 'Florence' on my iPhone. Florence, which could be described as a visual novel or interactive experience, tells the story of Florence and her love interest Krish. You follow the daily monotony of her life pre-Krish, snoozing her alarm, riding the subway to a dull office job, scrolling through people's Instagram posts and enduring strained conversations with her mother. After meeting Krish you experience the awkward magic of new relationships through Florence's eyes, finding a routine and fumbling through conversations. The mechanics here are so clever, on Florence's first date with Krish the conversation bubbles are presented as jigsaw pieces that you have to rush to fit together, but over time these become easier to match up until they don't feel challenging at all. When Krish moves in, you have to put away some of Florence's things to make room on her shelves for his belongings and when - spoiler - he moves out again, it's hard to remember which things belong to each person. The story Florence paints of relationships is real, human and at times moving. There are moments anybody who has fallen in love could relate to and when I finished the final scene, I wished there was more. At £2.99 for about 45 minutes of run time you might not be able to justify buying this, but I'd really recommend giving it a shot. 

What did you do last month?