Cruelty-free Empties

Switching to exclusively cruelty-free products was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and its one of my goals to for this blog to build up a directory of cruelty-free goodies. If you’re considering going cruelty-free it can seem daunting to give up products you’re used to and love using, but there’s so. much. choice available.

To name a few options, I thought I’d do some micro reviews on the products I’ve finished up recently.

Youth To The People Age Prevention Superfood Cleanser | This cleanser has a wonderful ‘clean’ scent (my favourite kind) and is refreshing and gentle on the skin. One small pump of product will cleanse your whole face and lathered up with water it removes all traces of your make up, whilst still being gentle enough to rub away black eyeliner & mascara without stinging your eyes. I can't really speak to it’s age prevention claims yet (ask me in a few years) but it’s the best testament to a product if you repurchase it once it’s empty and I had another of these ready to go right away! Travel size, £18 from Free People.

Glossier Lash Slick | I really buy into the Glossier hype and can rarely resist any of their new, millenial-pink packaged goodies so I snapped this up when it was released. Lash Slick is great for lengthening your lashes and doesn’t budge all day… but it’s a little dry. I often feel like this builds up on my lashes and because the formula is so drying, the tubes don’t seem to last very long. I’ll be trying something different next. I’ve also recently finished up a tubes of Glossier Boy Brow & Haloscope in Moonstone, so I might do a whole post reviewing the brand. £14 from Glossier.

Herbivore Jasmine Green Tea Toner | I received this as birthday gift and it has quickly become a skincare staple for me - it’s the perfect accompaniment to the superfood cleanser. This toner has a subtle, sweet jasmine scent and is calming and hydrating when misted onto your skin. I will continue to repurchase this! Travel size, £20 from Space NK.

Fit Kit Post Exercise Muscle Cooling Shower Gel | I spotted this in Waitrose (or £3.99 from Holland & Barrett) just as I was starting out with my personal trainer and got sucked into it’s ‘muscle cooling’ claims. After a sweaty workout, I personally liked to be overwhelmed by the scent of my shower gel and covered in suds. This is difficult to squeeze out of the pouch and doesn’t lather up enough, which leads to little clumps of black gel in the bottom of your shower. It also has a near undetectable scent. Honestly pretty naff, if you want to feel zingy after the gym stick with Original Source’s holy grail mint & tea tree shower gel.

Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask | This sleeping mask is a pink gel formula that you apply a thin layer of before bed and wash off in the morning. Usually when I wash my face in the morning my skin is a little red, but this calms any redness and evens out my skin tone. It’s really worth purchasing for the smell alone too… dreamy, jolly-rancher scented goodness. This is a little pricey, but I only bought the travel size initially and it lasted months, so you get bang for your buck. £40 from Cult Beauty.

Rodial Dragon’s Blood Eye Masks | I got these as a birthday gift from Space NK… actually, let’s talk about that for a minute. If you’re a Space NK ‘N.dulge’ member you can claim a little treat bag of deluxe samples on your birthday and this year all four of the products I received (including a full sized REN cleanser) were from cruelty-free brands, way to go Space NK! I popped these eye patches in the fridge before I used them and they felt like such a luxurious treat, cooling & hydrating. They’re soaked in a generous amount of serum that you can pat onto your under eye after you’ve used the patches. The only downside is they’re a bit of a faff to apply, because the masks are made from a very thin jelly which comes packaged between two pieces of paper, and requires gentle handling to get onto your skin without rolling up. 8 pairs, £39 from Space NK.

Soap & Glory Puffy Eye Attack Eye Masks | After the highs of Rodial, I’ve been on the look out for a more budget friendly eye-mask option. There’s just something so enjoyable about a Sunday morning eye mask to chase away of weeks worth of sleep deprivation and stress. When applied from the fridge, these have a similarly soothing effect but dry up a lot more quickly on the skin and don’t seem to deliver noticeable results. I guess you get what you pay for! £3.50 a pair, from Boots.

K Glo Coconut Moisture Sheet Mask | I have issues with sheet masks, guys, I just love them. Partly because they’re a quick way to treat my skin without the hassle of applying a face mask from a pot… and partly because they make me look like a horror movie villain. I spotted these K Glo masks in Boots and was pleasantly surprised to see them clearly labelled as vegan; I’m always keen to try out Korean beauty brands but they’re rarely cruelty free. This moisture mask is my current favourite, the sheet mask is absolutely drenched in product and it leaves my skin visibly hydrated and glowing. Highly recommend! £4.99 from Boots.

Soap & Glory Miracle Moisture Mask | One of the best things about this sheet mask is that it comes in two halves, which makes it a lot easier to apply and keep on than a single sheet! I picked this one up at the same time as the K Glo mask, and unfortunately, it fell short by comparison. It’s not bad, it’s nicely moisturising without being too sticky, but I just didn’t like it enough to repurchase. £4 from Boots.