January Round-up


This January felt like it was 100 days long and I mostly spent it sulking about being cold/tired/hungry, not achieving any of my 'resolutions' and counting down the days until payday. 

I thought I'd start doing little monthly round-ups of things I've done that don't warrant a whole blog post and sharing some recommendations for things I've enjoyed, so here are a few of my favourites from the past month:

The Heart of It with Estee Lalonde | I've loved Estee's Youtube videos for a long time; she's cute, hilarious, relatable & Canadian - what's not to like? This month I realised her podcast series is available on Spotify and quickly binged through every episode. She's covers topics like feminism, tattoos, identity and travel by sharing her personal experiences and interviewing some amazing women. I particularly loved the episodes where she interviews her Mom and social historian Madeleine Marsh.

Basquiat 'Boom For Real' | I'd been wanting to see the Jean-Michel Basquiat retrospective 'Boom for Real' since it opened in September and on it's last weekend, I snuck off to the Barbican Centre after a day working in the city. I haven't been to an exhibition for ages and despite my five years of art schooling I wasn't very familiar with Baquiat's work so I didn't want to miss the chance to see this retrospective. I'll admit, his work isn't necessarily 'my thing' but it was interesting to learn more about him and it felt so good to wander around and make some time to enjoy an exhibition. 


Night in the Woods | To be honest, I delayed writing this post so that I could finish playing NITW. This game has quickly gained a spot on my list of favourite titles. You play as Mae, a 20-year old anthropomorphic (...can you believe we're only three posts in and I've used the word anthropomorphic twice?) cat that returns to her back-water hometown after dropping out of college. As you reconnect with family & friends and figure out a routine for life back home, you uncover pieces of Mae's troubled past and investigate eerie events around town. The characters and the writing of this game are outstanding, contributing towards a story that is both hilarious and incredibly touching. Night in the Woods is available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, XBOX and PC and I really recommend you play it.

We Are Never Meeting in Real Life by Samantha Irby | I'd not heard of Samantha Irby before, but I was drawn to the lurid yellow cover of We Are Never Meeting in Real Life and I'm glad I picked it up. Irby recounts events in her life and covers topics that aren't always easy to talk about - poverty, disability, weight, race - with refreshing self-depreciation and unique humour. If you like essay collections, this is worth a read!

Breaking Bad | I'm sure you've seen Breaking Bad and loved it, so I'm not going to tell you how great it is. If it's been a few years since you watched it though, do yourself a favour and watch it again. Sean & I first finished the show about three years ago and in January we decided to give it another go. It's been just long enough that we'd forgotten the plot lines and are back to binge watching 'just one more episode'. So bloody good. 

What were your favourite things last month?